Silver Wings Racing is from Spokane Valley and has created a fun family event to help showcase the sport of Pigeon Racing. Pigeon racing has been around since the late 1800's. It involves releasing homing pigeons at various distances from their coop to see which make it home fastest. The birds wear tracking chips on their ankles that are read by a scanner when the pigeons enter their loft.

Join us June 3rd for a night to remember! Family fun filled afternoon and amazing dinner with Pigeon Racing, Auction, Music, and end the evening with a 40 foot outdoor movie, fire pit and so much more! Ever wanted to launch tomatoes? Try the tomato launcher!  It all kicks off around 4:30pm however the grounds open at 2:30pm so come early and play! We have music, games for the kids, bounce house, beer and wine sales, Live Pigeon Auctions and two races. Yes, you can bid on and win a Pigeon then race it and win! Enjoy a fabulous meal around 6pm and finish the evening with an outdoor movie on a 40 foot screen! Toast smores at the fire pit and enjoy the night.


This is the Event of the summer! Pigeons race to their home located in Spokane Valley. All race details will be covered Live on screen with prizes to the top birds! This is an epic Duel in the Sky and you can join us and race the pigeon you won at auction (requires bidding to win)

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    You must first enter the quantity of Adult tickets and or/Kid 12-17 tickets before you can order Child Under 12 tickets.
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Date: June 3rd
Open: 2:30pm
Meet and Greet - Q&A: 4:30pm
First Auction & Hors d'oeuvres: 5:00pm
Pigeon Release (First Race): 5:45pm
Dining/First Race Result Spectating: 6:00pm
Second Auction: 6:30pm
Pigeon Release (Second Race): 7:00pm
Dessert/Second Race Result Spectating: 7:15pm
Awards: 7:45pm
Fire Pit: 8:25pm
40 Foot Screen Outdoor Movie:  approx 9:00pm



Discover the beauty & serenity of Settler's Creek


Cocktail Hour

Tray Passed Hors d’oeuvres


Smoked Andouille Canapé on Toasted Baguette
French Andouille sausage smoked on-site, blended with smooth cream cheese and served on a toasted baguette and garnished with fresh chives from our garden.

Gouda and Sharp Cheddar Fruit Skewers
Fresh cut pineapple, melons and strawberries chilled and paired with a variety of premium cheeses.


Self-Serve Beverage Station
Ice Tea, Lemon Infused Ice Water, Lemonade.
Ice water served in a carafe tableside.

Outside Bar (Cash bar)
Two Domestic Non-Premium Keg Beer brands from Post Fall Brewing Served in Glass
Select Wine List Served in Riedell Crystal
Glass bottle vintage soda

Main Course

Whole Angus Ribeye rolled in Settlers Creek’s bold savory herbs and slow roasted in our wood fired ovens for 4 hours using white oak from the Columbia basin. When prepared in this authentic wood fired manner, this uncomplicated yet quality roast becomes stunningly delicious. Individual servings cut to order at the carving station.

Sea Salt & Rosemary Roasted Young Chicken
Whole young regional raised chicken lightly seasoned with our own very special blend of sea salt, rosemary and Italian herbs then baked in an authentic wood fired oven using white oak from central Oregon.

Cilantro Corn on the Cob
Fresh local sweet white corn on the cob cooked al dente’ style in our heavy cast-iron pots with a tasty bath of whole milk, chopped cilantro, squeezed whole lime and of course real butter.

Sea Salt Crusted Roasted Baby Red Potatoes
Sweet and creamy baby red potatoes tossed in real butter and course sea salt, seasoned with house ground rosemary and freshly ground rainbow pepper, then roasted until their skin becomes toasted and the inside is velvety smooth.

Fresh Fruit Salad
Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries and fresh garden mint mixed with a touch of Grand Marnier and garnished with red and green grapes. A great pallet cleanser and a seamless contrast to the savory entrees.

Settlers Creek Signature Caesar Salad
Crisp leafy greens cut from the heart of romaine just prior to serving and tossed with Romano cheese, kalamata olives, croutons and Settlers Creek bold Caesar dressing.


Join in the fun for the whole family! We'll have tomato launching, jumping castles, horseshoes & more for every age under the sun. It's been a long winter, come out and enjoy quality time as a family. Our event ends with an outdoor movie and fire pit to toast marshmallows and smores! If you care for adult drinks, those will be available for purchase. Come enjoy this awesome event. Tickets on sale now.


Birds will be racing 20 miles to their home loft with live streaming of race results. Over 40 Pigeons will be Auctioned.

1st place gets trophy and 40% of the auction prize money.

2nd place 30% of the auction prize money.

3rd place 15% of the auction prize money.

4th place 5% of the auction prize money.

For your auction purchase of a racing dove. You now have the option to keep your bird or enter it into our event race. Silver Wings Racing will be using a certified electronic clocking system, the latest technology to post live results to a web site within seconds of the birds arrivals. You can also watch your birds arrive on our live video feed at the same time you can see live race results of your birds placing in the race.


You are not limited on the number of birds you can will at Auction and you can preview all the birds before hand so be sure and pick your favorite. We will have 2 Races and 2 Auctions. Good luck and happy bidding.

Pigeons and Today's Technology

Someone once told me our sport is dying because our youth are into computers and today’s technology, and the birds cannot compete with computers and today’s technology.

 I say if you can’t beat them join them. It is today’s technology that is going to save our sport.

I would like to tell true story my father told me about when he was growing up, and the technology of the time, a farm tractor. My father was born in 1933 and grew up on vegetable farm in Spokane WA. My father would tell me how hard it was growing up working in the vegetable fields as a child; when you got out of school for the summer in those days you worked. Dad would talk about how my grandpa used horse and plow in the vegetables fields and how attached and important working horses were to my grandpa. Back in those days vegetables were locally grow and sold at market, grocery stores was not the way back then.

In the late 1940’s my dad had a friend in high school whose dad worked at tractor dealer ship so my father got the idea of having his friend dad bring out demo tractor to work the vegetable fields. When they showed up by surprise with the demo tractor it really up set my grandpa, those plow horses where really special to my grandpa and he had no desire to change, so he chewed my dad butt in front his friend and his friend’s dad. Embarrassed my dad and hurt his feeling, my dad was only trying to do good.

Moral of the story, three weeks later my grandfather bought the tractor and nobody was allowed to touch his tractor, the tractor was the technology of the time. I tell this story because this is where we are at with pigeon racing and today’s technology. I know the electronic clocks have been big change to our sport, but with today’s technology our sport is severely lacking with what today’s technology has to offer.

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Doves. You really should call them racing doves.

There’s a stigma attached to pigeon. People think pigeons are dirty,” he said. Michielli owns Silver Wings Racing, which is home to more than 100 carefully selected and bred doves. They coo and fluff their feathers as he moves carefully between nesting boxes, checking for eggs, looking for newly hatched chicks, making sure everyone is OK.

Every night, he grabs “a beverage” and goes to check on the doves.

The doves act like they expect him. They don’t panic when he walks by. They’re simply perched in their little nesting boxes or walking around on the floor, cooing. And cooing.

His loft is a converted trailer that’s been hauled over from the West Side where a pigeon racing club used it. On its side is a painted commemoration of Geronimo – a famous World War II carrier pigeon who carried 81 messages on 30 combat missions – perhaps giving Michielli’s pigeons something to live up to.

“Homing pigeons were used in the war, before radio communications got real good,” Michielli said. “And not just any old dove can do what these guys do. They are bred to come home.”

So how exactly do they find their way home? Michielli said some believe the pigeons can smell their way, or that they use magnetic lines in the earth for navigation.

“None of it is proven,” Michielli said. “I think they have photographic memories. I think they see something they recognize and that’s the way they go.”

But think about this: For the longest races, 600 miles, the doves – all from different lofts – spend the night before in a truck being driven to a location such as, say, northern Oregon. They may never have been there before. The next morning, the doves will be released together, then circle in big, beautiful swoops, wings flapping, as they gain height. First they fly together and then, suddenly, they begin to split off in smaller groups headed home to their individual lofts. They have a day to complete the race.