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2023 Race

2023 Silver Inventory

AU 246 SPO 2023 Terry Dry 

AU 1814 WII 2023 Wayne Yamashita/Neil Paynter 

AU 1815 WII 2023 Wayne Yamashita/Neil Paynter 

AU 23415 WIN 2023 Sharon Barker 

AU 23416 WIN 2023 Sharon Barker 

AU 1 MWARD 2023 Mike Ward

AU 2 MWARD 2023 Mike Ward

AU 1911 CORP 2023 Todd Layport 

AU 1914 CORP 2023 Todd Layport 

AU 326 KEYWAYS 2023 Wayne Yamashita/Roger Teeters 

IF 596 SI 2023 Michael Bonomo 

AU 221 SPO 2023 Michael Bonomo 

AU 204 GSC 2023 Brad Santos 

AU 210 GSC 2023 Brad Santos 

AU 1199 SPO 2023 Denny Warner 

AU 1200 SPO 2023 Denny Warner 

AU 208 YATES 2023 Jerry Yates 

AU 8344 LKC 2023 Scott Teeters 

AU 28688 FOYS 2023 George Bergeror 

AU 28692 FOYS 2023 George Bergeror 

AU 23029 BORDER JUMPER 2023 John Ceciliani 

AU 1646 MDC 2023 David Madis 

AU 1622 MDC 2023 David Madis 

AU 1606 MDC 2023 David Madis 

AU 220 SPO 2023 Dick Ferster 

AU 1079 BUD 2023 Bud Williams 

AU 904 IHC 2023 Louis Martinez

AU 477 NCC 2023 Walter Sidga 

AU 2391 MT HOOD 2023 Roger Teeters 

AU 1743 CORP 2023 Don Chapin / Juniper Hill Loft

AU 2592 CORP 2023 Three of a Kind 

AU 2594 CORP 2023 Three of a Kind 

AU 16376 JEDDS 2023 Franklin Lin Loft 

AU 130 SPO 2023 Robyn Dry 

AU 131 SPO 2023 Mark Dugger 

AU 250 SPO 2023 Al Pharness 

IF 504 CC 2023 Igor Kravchuck 

AU 3214 TAC 2023 Tim Wogoman

AU 3215 TAC 2023 Tim Wogoman

AU 3224 TAC 2023 Tim Wogoman

AU 3367 TCW 2023 Paul Meyer

AU KY 23075 2023 David Matis

AU 228 OTC 2023 David Matis 

AU 89004 ARPU 2023 Mario Rodriguez 

AU 443 SPO 2023 Robert Lingo 

AU 520 HEWITT 2023 Jim Hewitt 

AU 35477 2023 JEDDS Stan Wallerstedt

IF 578 CC 2023 Joseph Tolpa 

AU KY 23033 2023 Joseph Tolpa

AU SPO 267 2023 Bill Schneider

AU 293 EASLEY 2023 Ken Easley 

AU 222 SPO 2023 L&L Lofts

AU 258 SPO 2023 L&L Lofts 

AU 210 SPO 2023 Alan Dyar 

AU 23074 KY 2023 Alan Dyar 

rules for 2023

  1. Silver, Red bars or Mealys colors only. No other colors excepted. 
  2. YB Birds being mailed or received must have an entry fee and perch fee with birds sent to my loft, check or cash no exceptions.
  3. Entry fee $250.00. Perch fee $50.00
  4. Birds that do not make it to the first young bird club race will have entry fees refunded. 
  5. SilverWingsRacing is not responsible for any loss of birds due to illness, injury, or failure to return from trainings or races.
  6. All payouts by clocking order. Ties will be paid by clocking order.
  7. Any unforeseen circumstances will be settled by Jerry Michielli. In case of a Natural Disaster or Catastrophic event requiring the cancellation of the race’s, birds can be returned to breeder at owner’s expense.
  8. Any birds not claimed after the season is over will be raced as old birds or used as breeders. 
  9. Points will be figured from Spokane club races using eWinspeed. 
  10. Winnings of $600.00 or more will be required to provide W-9 form to SilverWingsRacing.
  11.  Loft visits are welcome.  Appointments must be scheduled. 
  12. Accepting birds from January till the end of May 2023.
  13. I will have some replacement silvers for birds that come up missing before the first club race.
  14. At the time of the first club race, birds entered totaling more than 70 birds, entry fees will be added to the final race purse.
  15. Loft’s maximum capacity is 130 young birds. 
  16. Birds will be vaccinated, medicated and treated for lice. 
  17. Birds that have watery, green poor droppings will not be added to flying loft and may be returned to breeder.
  18. The final race, if no birds arrive, the race will stay open for one week. 
  19. SilverWingsRacing reserves the right to deny entry to any breeder not following the rules. 
  20. If Spokane club has their annual Bond/Futurity race, your entree fee into SilverWingsRacing race will include entry into Spokane Bond/Futurity Race. Any winnings will be 50/50 split between breeder and SilverWingsRacing.
  21. If only 15 birds or less are left before the first club race entry fees and purch fees will be refunded and races will be cancelled. (** Note this has never happened before)

Breeding color chart By No Sweat Loft

1) Blue Bar mated to Blue Bar will produce Blue Bars only, of both sex.

2) A Blue Check cock and a Red Check hen will produce Blue Bars, Blue Checks, and Black Checks, all of which will be hens. All Red and Silvers from this mating will be cocks.

3) A Blue Check cock and a Silver hen will produce Red and Silver cocks. All Blues, Blue Checkers and Black Checkers will be hens.

4) A Blue Bar cock and a Silver hen will produce Blue Bars and Silvers. All the Blue Bars will hens and all the Silvers will be cocks.

5) Two Reds mated together can produce both hens and cocks of their own red coloring. But all the blues, Blue Checks and Black Checks will be hens.


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